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Last comments


08760497600 or +918760497600

Sivabalan commented 2020-07-10
This is my sim number i need this one


07389160632 or +917389160632

+917389160632 commented 2020-07-10
yah kisakee sankhya hai +917389160632 ?


09447625892 or +919447625892

Nizar Ebrahimkutty commented 2020-07-10
I intrested this no


09749105337 or +919749105337

Sourav acharya commented 2020-07-10
Plzz get a code no in 8250030933..I lost my FB account .is very urgently..plzz


09564666558 or +919564666558

Adi commented 2020-07-10
He is a spam caller, using bad language and make you frustrate


02049116100 or +912049116100

Pooja * commented 2020-07-10
Yah nambar meree teleephon nirdeshika mein nahin hai, mujhe nahin pata ki yah kisaka hai, mujhe aaj 3 kol mile aur sabhee chuppee ke saath


08002002255 or +918002002255

Satan Claus * commented 2020-07-10
Some users have signed this phone number as "Big Bazaar Bazar".


08002096161 or +918002096161

Satan Claus * commented 2020-07-10
Some users have signed this phone number as "Fedex India".


08468001111 or +918468001111

Raj * commented 2020-07-10
Main is nambar ke saath kisee ko nahin jaanata aur isalie in 7 kol ka javaab nahin diya


08602585000 or +918602585000

Ganesh * commented 2020-07-10
Mujhe is nambar se 2 kol aae, jab mainne javaab diya ki vahaan sannaata hai, aur phir unhonne hangaama kiya, mainne kol baik nahin kiya, yah spaim ya skaim jaisa lag raha hai.